Chiltern Firehouse

The Firehouse is an apotheosis—a culmination of many signal elements comprising beautiful and challenging architecture, heritage, storytelling and iterative and collaborative design.
Financial Times
The interiors are timeless, homey, stylish, vintage and glamorous.
You won't want to leave.
The Telegraph
There is nowhere else in London, probably the world,
you ought to be.
London Times
A night spent at the hotel moves from stage to stage, act to act, with all the lightness of touch, wit and irreverence of an Oscar Wilde play.
This is London's Best Restaurant. By any criterion you can think of it's one of the most enjoyable restaurant experiences we’ve had anywhere in the world.
Time Out London
The Victorian Gothic building has been breathtakingly restored...It is a terrifically original hotel and restaurant, perfectly suited to its geographical location and historical moment.
London Times
This kitchen is on fire.
London Evening Standard
This is a hotel, full of integrity and depth, that delivers a rare feeling of being in your own personal space.
The Telegraph